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Motion Sickness Remedies: What You Can Do to Prevent Motion Sickness

Having motion sickness is a real problem for many people and can be a bummer for those who like to travel. It’s like being allergic to chocolate when you know it tastes good! Though there are some people who can go through their lives without feeling ill during a ride or any of their journeys, there are those who suffer from being motion sick and not get over it unlike some. Being motion sick can be a real problem, most especially if you’re on your way to have a great time with family and friends. Being sick is the last thing you want to be because there will be loads of restrictions set out for you.

The causes of motion sickness can be mental and physical. Physically, the body feels off its balance as you go through your rides up and downs either it be during a plane ride, bus ride or perhaps a ship ride. This is when your body’s equilibrium tips off and that’s why you feel nauseated or dizzy during your travels, which can conclude to vomiting or sweating, or in some cases; breaking out in cold sweats.

Some of these can be mental. It’s all in the mind, as they all say. When you think about the sways and the uneven motion of your ride, you will feel this throughout the body. Your mind is a powerful thing. When you think of something that really isn’t there, sometimes the body reacts to it. It’s something similar to the feeling of being watched when no one is there. In cases like these, it would be best to let your mind relax and start taking deep calm breaths during a trip.

There are many remedies that you can try when you suffer from being motion sick. Here are a few motion sickness remedies that you can give a shot:

Anti-motion sickness tablets.

If you’ve been motion sick for some time during your experience with travelling, then for sure you already have a tablet in hand just in case you need to travel. If you’re not certain about what kind of tablet to take or is new to the sensation of being motion sick, then the best way to handle this is to approach someone who’s had a good amount of experience with anti-motion sickness tablets or better yet; ask your doctor.


This is one of the most popular remedies for a person who suffers from motion sickness and has been classified as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. It doesn’t only help with reducing the feeling of being motion sick, but it also helps with any feeling of nausea.


According to Chinese medicine, applying pressure to the acupuncture point known as ‘pericardium 6’ or P6 can relieve a person from feeling motion sick as well as easing the nauseated feeling one can suffer from. This point can be found inside the forearm, two inches above the wrists crease. You can apply pressure on this point with your index finger using your opposite hand or you can have someone do it for you.

If you’re not so excited about pressing into your forearm, then maybe you should purchase what is called ‘sea bands’. These are acupressure wrist bands that stimulate the pressure point.

Here are additional tips:

  • When feeling motion sick, keep still and rest your head against the head rest of your seat.
  • Avoid eating too much before the trip. Don’t drink alcohol or any spicy foods.
  • Avoid reading during your trip. Focus on a distant, stationary object.

Try these remedies and trips and enjoy the trip!

Motion Sickness and It’s Simple Remedies

Excited to go on a trip but have problems with being motion sick? There are lots of motion sickness remedies that you can try. First of all, we need to know what motion sickness is and what causes it. You have to understand that not everyone can suffer from it and the types of motion sick people vary all depending on the mode of transportation. Like for example, some people might get sick from riding a bus, but are completely fine when they ride a plane. Some people might suffer from being on a plane, but feel comfortable when riding a bus. There are people whom have suffered from it but have gotten through it in time while others find it hard to overcome the feeling of being sick from travelling.

The causes of being motion sick are two cases, one being a physical case and the other being a psychological case. When someone gets sick, it can be because the body cannot handle the loss of balance in their equilibrium. Like for example, when the flight goes through turbulence and losses the consistency in flight – immediately going up and down or dropping, the body reacts immediately thus making a person nauseated and in worst cases; vomit.

If it’s a mental case however, you can be sure that being ill has always been a trick of the human mind. When you think about the ups and downs or highs and lows of your travel, or maybe think of being sick during your travel; you can be sure that you have higher chances of being sick! When your mind stresses on about the nauseated feeling or the ill turning of your stomach, it will only get worse so the best thing you can do is try to relax both your body and your mind. What your mind thinks, your body reacts to. As much as possible, just sit back, close your eyes and relax. Or, you can keep your eye settled on a distant, stationary object or point.

What can you do to stop from being motion sick? Here are a few things you can try to stop feeling ill during your travels.

  • The first thing you need to do is to avoid over eating. Don’t fill your tummy with so much food! There are high chances that you might see that again during your journey and it won’t be a good kind of greeting! If you feel the need to eat or get hungry during your travelling, a cracker would do.
  • Don’t read anything during your journey. As much as you want to pick a book up and read (or perhaps you just like to read that one book you bought a few days back that you can’t wait to finish), you need to set it down for later. As mentioned above, keep your eyes set on something distant and immobile.
  • If you feel a little light headed, lean your head back on the backrest of your chair and relax. Avoid moving too much during your journey. Keep your eyes set on something stationary or keep them closed, which ever suits your fancy and just relax. Take slow soothing breaths and keep your mind away from the movement of the plane/bus/train/ship.
  • Take an anti-motion sickness tablet. There are many you can choose from and try, but it would be wise to ask for advice from people whom experience the same thing as you do or ask your family doctor.

No one likes being sick during a vacation, so take notes and keep a relaxed mind during your journey to steer clear from being motion sick.

What Are The Causes and Remedies for Motion Sickness

When going on a vacation, a lot of planning should come to mind like where you should stay while you’re in your desired destination, where should you go while you’re there, all the clothing you need to pack and many others. But for some people, there are some concerns that would bother them and it’s not just the stay – it’s about getting there. People whom suffer from motion sickness are most likely to worry about that very same ill feeling they get when they board a plane, a bus or even a ship. The thought of having to feel nauseated or wanting to vomit (or vomit) isn’t something anyone would look forward to.

Not everyone suffers from motion sickness. There are some who go through their lives without feeling this sensation at all when their travelling. But, there are some who suffer from different types of motion sickness, for example: you might know someone who feels motion sick when riding a bus, but feel no such thing when riding a plane or vice versa.

But what exactly causes someone to be motion sick? There are two possible reasons as to why people feel sick when travelling. It can be physical or psychological. What triggers being motion sick is the fact that the bodies equilibrium is tipped off to be unbalanced thus feeling nauseated or dizzy but, the main problem that causes being air sick or motion sick is the mental thought of the travelling experience. Sure you might feel a little sick to your stomach whenever the plane or the ship goes into a uneven motion but it would only get worse when you think about it; even worse when you think about being sick or wanting to vomit. As they all say, it’s all in the mind but for some people, it’ll be hard to avoid thinking about it because it has been happening to them for a long period of time.

So what can you do to stop feeling sick while you’re travelling? There are lots of ways to stop yourself from feeling completely off when you’re on your vacation. Here are a few things you can try when you’re flying (or other ways of travelling):

  1. Avoid eating too much. When you’re stomach is full and you have the tendency to feel motion sick during travels, it would be wise to cut down your meals before you ride a bus, plane or any other means of transport or travelling. That also counts with drinking juices, sodas or water. Avoid intake of any kind, especially alcohol. This will only give you more chances of being sick during travel (especially if you’re light weight).
  2. During your travel, try to stay put. Just sit back and relax in your seat. Try to take soothing intake of breaths and close your eyes if it helps take the thought off of the motion that’s happening all around you. The less you move, the better it would be for you to stop yourself form feeling light headed, dizzy or feel the need to vomit. Pretend you’re just sitting at home and lounging around during Saturday afternoons.
  3. Take tablets for anti-motion sickness. This will help soothe you. There are so many tablets you can try, but if you’ve been taking a tablet that you often intake during your travels it’s best that you stick to that. During airplane rides or flights, there are special wrist bands that can help with air sickness.

As much as possible, try and stay calm and relax. No one enjoys being sick on their way to a wonderful vacation!

Air Sickness: What can you do to stop it?

What causes air sickness? There will be moments where the person will feel that their body seems to be shaking or moving and sometimes it appears or feels like its still. Air sickness is a unwanted sensation felt during air travel, to be more specific this can be called ‘motion sickness’ and can be considered to be a normal response of a healthy body. This doesn’t happen to everyone, it can only happen with a few people. It occurs when the body’s central nervous system begins to receive conflicting messages that includes the muscles, inner ear and eyes that affect the equilibrium and balance.

When it comes to your body’s maintenance in equilibrium and balance, your inner ear is the most important because it has sensors for linear and angular motion. Motion sickness is both a physical and mental reaction to the events such as flying. In most cases, being air sick is caused psychologically. The fear of that settles in your brain causes your body to react, which causes you to feel sick to your stomach.

Studies have shown that fear; psychological reactions and stress are the main causes of being air sick. Your brain that is already affected emotionally can cause a disruption that can create these conflicting signals that your eyes and ears receive so it’s very important that whenever you’re travelling, that you try and relax. Some people would have motion sickness because of the fear of flying. If you do suffer from aerophobia then it would be best to have a mild sedative before you board the plane.

There are some who don’t always result to feeling physically sick. There are those who feel the need to swallow more due to a dry throat, feel light headed or nauseated or tend to sweat a lot during their travels.

So what can you do to stop being air sick? There are many effective ways to avoid it, here are a few that you can try.

• Avoid eating too much before boarding the plane.

One of the main contributors to feeling motion sickness is a full stomach, so as much as possible try to avoid stuffing yourself with food before you board a plane. The same goes for drinking water or any other beverages. Alcohol should be avoided completely.

• Stay completely still during takeoff.

After making sure that your seatbelt has been secured and the lights go off for takeoff, stay completely still when the airplane begins to rise and if it makes you feel any better, close your eyes and take soothing breaths. Any sudden movement made by the plane can most likely cause nausea or being air sick. This is all psychological, so when you feel that the plane is rising, just pretend that you’re sitting elsewhere and not in actual plane.

• Take a tablet.

There are a number of anti-airsickness tablets that you can buy before your trip. There are also special wrist bands being sold in many airports that are believed to reduce any risk of being air sick.

Nothing can be more troublesome than be sick during your travels, literally. There are some people who can easily get nauseated or ill during a vacation – not because of the different air or scenery, but because of the trip heading to the destination. For some people, air sickness is a big problem and can be serious to the point where it affects that person the very moment they set foot into a plane. No one wants to suffer from being air sick when one is about to go on vacation. You just can’t afford to ruin the whole trip because of being air sick.

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